smart documentation Smart billing

HIPAA Compliant Documentation and billing software developed specifically for the Medicaid Waiver Programs to simplify electronic health documentation and billinG.


Take Control of your Business

iTherapyDocs puts you in charge of your business, not a programmer.  Our software has rules on how you bill, what you bill, what is required, or what is optional and what Medicaid standards require. There is no guessing.

Configure Documentation rules by billing code / Payers

Easily change or add rules to ensure that the note is complete and documented with custom treatment plans and treatment goals.  Choose what information to make optional or required to completely fill out the soap note. Modify billing rules to control your fee for services payers. 

Staff Billing Codes.png

map Staff to Billing codes and set rates

Easy configure what Billing Code / Payer a Staff Member can provide services for and their rates. 


Staff and company level dashboards

Dashboards help bring important information front and center for both Administrators and Staff members. 

Speech Therapists • Occupational Therapists • Physical Therapists
Counselors • DD Waiver Service Providers • Group Homes

Don't lose 3-10% of your Revenue!

Inefficient documentation and billing processes result in Service Providers losing 3-10% of their Revenue.

Increase Accuracy & Save Time

Our software gives you the ability to change the rules used to implement your services. You will be amazed at how fast a Service Note can be entered that is HIPPA compliant and super easy.

  • Multiple payers with billing rules
  • Location / Service selection
  • Time overlap checking
  • Add/Change Observation & Activities
  • Add/Change Goals and Objectives
  • Add/Change Billing Rules
  • Add Your own Treatment Plans