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Saving Costs and Creating Efficiencies for IDD Service Providers

You love your mission of serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities, but pressure from reimbursement rates, the complexity of service delivery and billing and a changing work force are putting your agency at risk

There's a better way


It's easy to begin modernizing your agency

Making service delivery less costly, more efficient, transparent and compliant with complex rules so that you can focus on doing what you care about most!


Easily complete electronic progress notes, customized to your agency, the individuals that you serve and the compliance rules of your state


Prevent errors by eliminating missing notes, link training certifications and note creation and never exceed a prior authorization balance


Access anywhere: the right information to the right people with the right permissions at the right time


Create invoices directly and instantly from approved notes, with diagnostic coding, billing unit calculations and budget management 


Keep everyone aligned and focused on coordinated actions with dashboards and in-
application messaging 


Complete electronic billing to multiple payers, reconcile receipts and export to your financial accounting system

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We make your core processes better, less costly and more compliant


The Benefits Are Big

  • 50% faster progress note capture with data that you can easily customize to your practice
  • Cut your billing time and expenses by as much as 75% and reduce your billing errors to zero
  • Eliminate as much as 75% of the time spent collecting and approving progress notes by Program Managers
  • Accelerate your cash flow by making it possible to bill more frequently and seamlessly export data to your accounting system
  • Dramatically reduce your audit risk with every invoice directly traceable through your electronic workflow
  • Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, available anywhere application allows you to reduce IT costs and the headaches of application management
  • Eliminate the need for thousands of dollars in paper, printing and storage costs
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We chose to focus on I/DD Practitioners because we are passionate about the work that you do. We share the vision that all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a right to nurturing support and community inclusion in order to maximize their independence and quality of life.


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