iTherapyDocs Software Benefits

  • What you Pay Today for Documentation & Billing is 5-10% of your Gross Revenue
  • Our Solution saves you 50% of your Documentation & Billing based on re-engineering your processes and reduce the need of your biller
  • Our pricing gives you the ability to add as many users as possible to maximize your business needs
  • Our model scales up or down based on your business activity
  • No fixed contracts for scaling your business – you can now grow your business

Speech Therapists • Occupational Therapists • Physical Therapists
Counselors • DD Waiver Service Providers • Group Homes

Don't lose 3-10% of your Revenue!

Inefficient documentation and billing processes result in Service Providers losing 3-10% of their Revenue.

Increase Accuracy & Save Time

Our software gives you the ability to change the rules used to implement your services. You will be amazed at how fast a Service Note can be entered that is HIPPA compliant and super easy.

  • Multiple payers with billing rules
  • Location / Service selection
  • Time overlap checking
  • Add/Change Observation & Activities
  • Add/Change Goals and Objectives
  • Add/Change Billing Rules
  • Add Your own Treatment Plans



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