Getting your organization started can seem like a big task – Our Professional Services Team works with you all the way to manage implementation in a series of clear, manageable steps.


  • Customer Success manager assigned to your team meets to review the implementation process and organize the project schedule

  • Our data and configuration templates ensure that you can get a fast start

  • Your Customer Success manager provides oversight and system testing to ensure you’ve optimized your configuration for how you manage your agency practice

  • Best of all, these services are available at a truly affordable cost



Your Customer Success manager will organize expert-led training using a variety of web-based and on-site training sessions. If you’re a smaller agency, we’ll train your staff. If you’re a larger agency, we’ll orchestrate all the tools that your training team will need.


  • Free training hours offered to all customers to aid in mobilizing staff and initial launch

  • Specialized training for direct care staff, program managers and billers within the system

  • Ease of use for direct care staff and other first line providers allows you to ensure that all care is coordinated on a single platform - even with a changing workforce – without additional training costs


Ongoing Support

If you need immediate assistance, our support team and dashboard help menu is always available to answer questions and resolve issues.


  • Most questions are easily resolved through our Technical Support dashboard

  • After the initial launch, further support is available online through live chat to ensure that you are getting the most from your system

  • Our management of the platform ensures the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure web-based, HIPAA compliant software solution

  • Best of all your platform is continuously improving, with new features and functionality that you receive without additional cost